Religions predating the bible

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Please take a look at the following line, which shows (in blue color on the left) the approximate length of time that we have been on this planet without any notion of God as conceptualized by the monotheistic trio, compared to the length of time that the concept “God” started appearing in people’s minds (red color, on the right): In reality, even the above drawing is flattering for monotheistic religions.

The concept “God” did not appear suddenly, full-fledged in people’s minds as we know it today.

We tend to read the Bible from our own viewpoint—that is, we tend to think of the Bible as if it came from a world of texts, books, and authors. As the great French scholar Henri-Jean Martin has observed, the role of writing in society has changed dramatically through history, yet modern analyses of biblical literature often depend on the perspective of the text in modern society.

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Even today, people in the most populous nation, China, do not believe in a monotheistic God, creator of the universe.

Matthew -31 is the hands down favorite passage of Pretrib Rapture deniers, yet contained in those passages is the very proof that the Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming are two separate events.

It was this spread of Hebrew writing in ancient Palestine that democratized the written word and allowed it to gain religious authority in the book we now call "the Bible." When the Bible became a book, the written word supplanted the living voice of the teacher. This textualization marked one of the great turning points in human history, namely the movement from an oral culture towards a written culture.The ancient Jewish God was very different from the one of the modern times: he was an anthropomorphic God.He had a thunderous voice, legs to walk with on the garden of Eden, and other bodily parts that we don’t need to mention here, lest some people might feel offended. Also, humanity as a whole did not switch to the notion “one God” suddenly, 4,000 years ago; the Jews were but a minute percent of the entire human population (they still are), and it took the Christian religion and its adoption in Europe, and a bit later the Islamic religion and its adoption in the Arabic world, for the concept “one God” to take off.These celebs were either born Muslim or converted to Islam.While it has not been officially confirmed, it is believed that Janet Jackson has fully converted to Islam.

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Yet biblical scholar William Schniedewind, the Kershaw Chair of Ancient Eastern Mediterranean Studies at UCLA, has a different view.

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