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Consequently, energy investors should survey the wreckage for opportunities.

Crowded hedge fund oil and gas producers underperformed their sector peers by over 20% since 2013 as fund energy books were liquidated.

Various design options were developed for the client to review and comment on what would work best for their business culture.

HF Planners designed the layout, selected the finishes, worked with the furniture vendor and was on-site to manage the construction.

[1 Cal.3d 102] The Association issued 6,568 shares of stock on April 5, 1956. Of these shares, 987 (14.8 percent) were purchased by depositors pursuant to warrants issued in proportion to the amount of their deposits. The shares allocated to unexercised warrants were sold to the then chairman of the board of directors who later resold them to defendants and others.

Forced hedge fund portfolio liquidations are usually followed by rapid recoveries in the affected names – liquidations during the global financial crisis reversed in under a year.

Since the energy market in 2015 faces unique challenges, history may not repeat itself.

Obviously consumers aren't very brand conscious in this market, I remember buying DSL filters once back in the 90s, I browsed for the cheapest ones on the shelves.

I'm guessing I'm not alone in shopping like that, most consumers figure the products all work the same so buy the cheapest.

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HF Planners designed the space with an open floor plan to encourage collaboration between the teams.