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Dating wmi ru bu 1

you can rewrite maybe this method in a helper and and datetime class - Tadayoshi Funaba 1998-2011 ‘date’ provides two classes Date and Date Time.Wanting to sort these files in order by date (like they were on my i Phone before I downloaded them to my Windows computer), I created a Ruby script to help me rename all my i Phone photos in date sequence.In short, if a JPEG file with this name: While this new JPEG filename isn't too exciting, it does put all of my JPEG image files back into date/time sorted order in the Mac Finder.Please see and for other Rails- und Ruby-related community platforms. (my_date.class) Is it Date Time, or is TIme or Active Support:: Time With Zone ?In general, the difference seems to be in seconds when you subtract two objects of the same class so you'd divide by 60 to get minutes.My environment: ruby: 1.9.2p0 rails: 3.0.3 mac os x My issue: From what I've been reading, the date format has been changed in 1.9.2.So, saving dates in the "mm/dd/yyy" format has been an issue since 1.9.2 is saving as "dd/mm/yyyy" I have a j Query plugin that uses the date picker and displays in the format of "mm/dd/yyyy" However, sometimes the date saves and other times it doesn't because of ruby expecting the changed format (mm/dd/ yyyy).

However, that's for display purposes only (I believe).Announcement (2017-05-07): now read-only since I unfortunately do not have the time to support and maintain the forum any more.Please see and for other Rails- und Ruby-related community platforms. Wondering if someone can help me out with a date issue.I just used this script to successfully rename over 1,000 JPG files based on the date and timestamp of the JPEG file. /usr/bin/ruby # a ruby script to get the date and timestamp from a jpeg file.# this script prints a string, something like '20080801.224705'. # released here under the creative commons share-alike license: # require 'rubygems' require 'exifr' input_file = ARGV[0] # get the date/time info from the JPEG file d1 = EXIFR:: # convert to the format we need #d = 'Wed Apr 01 -0800 2009' a,b,d,hms,poop,y = d1.to_s.split d2 = "# # # # #" # create a real date d3 = Date Time::strptime(d2, '%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y') # get this date in the desired format s = d3.strftime('%Y%m%d.%H%M%S') puts s As you can see, this Ruby script is meant to work with one filename at a time.

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